Parents Speak about Niraj Kindergarten School

Parent of Aarna, UKG B "I entered Niraj Kindergarten School holding Aarna's hand for her interview for LKG. I was extremely tensed, as my daughter was not yet able to speak properly. When we entered the Principals cabin, the way she spoke to my child made her comfortable, while I was convinced that she is in safe hands now. At the end of her tenure with the kindergarten, she is now able to communicate with people and express herself beautifully. I am thankful to the teachers for organizing Parent Orientation Programme and making us aware of the teaching techniques, so that I was able to help Aarna with her homework and worksheets."

Parent of Khushi, UKG B "Khushi's journey at Niraj Kindergarten School has been wonderful. I see her very excited and energetic every morning to go to school. She waits eagerly for Mondays to come. Initially when she joined the school, she was very shy; but now she is fearless and has made a lot of friends. As parents, we are very satisfied when we see constant development in the public speaking and have received personal attention. Niraj has given a strong foundation and I will always be grateful to the school for molding my child into a confident personality. I wish all the parents would choose the best kindergarten for their children as I have."

Parent of Eesha, Nursery "As parents of Eesha, we are thoroughly enjoying her schooling at Niraj. We love the faculty, the activities and everything about the school. She just loves coming to school. Thank you for taking care."

Parent of Sharanya, LKG "My daughter has improved a lot. We are extremely happy to have joined here in Niraj Kindergarten School, as there is a lot of progress in both academics and communication skills. The class teacher is very approachable and cooperative. We want her to continue for the next class too."

Parent of Manas, UKG A "We joined our child in Niraj in the year 2011. His journey throughout has been wonderful. He has learnt a lot from the school, and has changed completely in terms of responsibility, independence, English speaking, confidence and social behavior. We truly acknowledge the fact that all his teachers have been very supportive. Without their effort and care our son would not have been what he is today"

Parent of Adarsh Das, Nursery "My son Adarsh who is in Nursery has shown a drastic improvement. All the teachers have put their best efforts. He has also started talking in English which makes me proud. Thanks a lot to Ayesha Maam and Shamsha Maam for all their support"

Parent of Poshika, UKG A "I am very happy with her performance, and the parent-teacher communication at the school. I am also very happy with the curriculum of the child, as they concentrate on the phonics, which has made her very good with her reading skills. Thanks to all the teachers for all their support"

Parent of Ayush, LKG "I am extremely happy with Niraj curriculum and the extra-curricular activities that ensure the all-round development of the child. Teachers and staff of the school are very cordial and take good care of my child."

Mr. Reddy, new parent "School is very good and the classrooms are also impressive. We think that it will be a great choice of school for our son."

Parent of Jhanvi, Nursery "Our daughter has learnt many rhymes in a short span, and learnt about the importance of hygiene. She talks a lot about her teacher. It feels good to see the activities and pictures posted on Facebook."

Mr. Swaroop, new parent "Brilliantly made up school premises, very attractive to children. My son was eagerly waiting the whole night to come to school. It felt really good."

Parent of Aashay, LKG "We are satisfied with our son's performance from the time he has started coming to Niraj. He has learnt a lot and especially his public speaking has enhanced a lot"